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The Ramblings of an Aspie

Bisexual white ciswoman feminist. Pronouns: She/her/hers. Reclaim the stories that do you wrong; rewrite them until they fit.
Apr 19 '13

My mother just claimed that my sister’s article was complimentary


What, telling her ENTIRE FUCKING COLLEGE that I had no fucking friends in high school and she had to organize my stuff when we were kids and I nearly flunked out of high school was COMPLIMENTARY?! Saying that her friends not in the know mock me is COMPLIMENTARY?!

Or maybe it’s that we fought like sisters do and that I’m smart but lazy and almost normal? That’s what she thinks a COMPLIMENT is?!

I’m a good writer! I’m pretty! Those are compliments! But I have to settle for being almost normal because I’m autistic.

I can’t stop crying. Fuck EVERYTHING.